Bird’s eye view of Rotterdam.

They say Paris has the Eiffel tower, Brussels has the Atomium and Rotterdam has the Euromast. If you happen to visit Rotterdam one place which you should not miss out on visiting is the Euromast. The Euromast is perhaps Rotterdam’s most famous landmark along with its iconic bridge. A view from the top of the…

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Lazy Sundays in Leiden

It’s Sunday, it’s sunny, and Leiden has some of its special little surprises to offer. So whatever you are doing right now, take a break from it and indulge a little bit the nice weather, some fancy food and some pretty things! Today a couple of things are happening: It’s “Verrassend Winkel Weekend Leiden” (Surprise…

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Lekkere zondag in Leiden: Japanmarkt and all that relaxation

Sounds as if I am free of deadlines and dues, but I could not stop the urge for another little trip to Leiden for the Japanese market and everything awesome in Leiden. Lovely weather, isn’t it? At the very first stand… This is just much too adorable! It’s very interesting to see little girls wearing…

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“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” – The Week of Dutch Beer

Beer tasting festival in the “Week of Dutch Beer” Students like beer? Not so sure about that Having failed to get anyone of the 200 students of the class to join me to a beer festival, the poor stereotypically beer-loving German guy needed to go there by himself. Indeed, I am rather one of those…

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Culinary experiments II: the lunch salad

My earlier culinary experiment only let loose more ideas, stepping up survival needs to gastronomic desires on Maslow’s pyramid. And what better space for experimentation than the lunchbox salad? So this one is about the kind of recipe that falls out of nowhere, inspired by some random taste or ingredient. So the idea of having something…

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De Blauwe Druif

Walking around in Amsterdam one evening I discovered this awesome bar on the Haarlemmerstraat in Amsterdam, a short walk from the train station. The Bar-Café has been running for 26 years and is one of the oldest bars of Amsterdam. The outside in no way prepares you for the interior, filled with bric -a-brac accumulated over…

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Koningsdag: Willem’s birthday and a national holiday – The Hague and Amsterdam turned upside down!

  Koningsdag: Willem’s birthday and a national holiday – The Hague and Amsterdam turned upside down! Oranje! That’s what I remember – after a night and a day of celebrating Holland! After having some drinks at home with fellow students on this lovely Friday night, we decided to go out into The Hague and hit…

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