Greenhand Backpacker (Part 3: Wunderbar Frankfurt)

Dear readers, I sincerely promise that this is going to be the last spam of the “Greenhand Backpacker” trilogy. Please bear with me, I’m such a new-born baby in the travelers’ world. For the very first time that I stay somewhere alone overnight and the very first time that I go across the national border…

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Mirror music

I recently stumbled upon this amazing jazz bar/café, nestled away on a small street near de Burcht, called ‘De Twee Spieghels’, or the two mirrors – although there are many more mirrors on the walls inside. The interior is small and intimate, great for having a relaxing evening. Go there in the evenings and it’s invariably buzzing…

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The Wurst of the Curry?

So since I was writing about food, I thought I’d share a street food story about literally the wurst thing that could happen to curry. I was in Berlin just last month, which is indeed not a good time to be a tourist in that usually flirty city. But I had just stepped out of a museum,…

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Walking Tour of Leuven

  Leuven is a city very much like Leiden. A famous Univeristy town and one which is easily accessible by foot. Last week I took a walking tour of this student city known as the “Jewel of the River Dyle”. Taking a walking tour has its own advantages and by the end of the end…

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Auckland Zoo

Guilty Weekend Pleasures

January and February didn’t quite turned out to be the relaxing start to the new year I was hoping them to be. Work, a bout of man-flu and increasingly intense preparation sessions for Model United Nations (see previous blog post to find out more about MUN in Leiden) left me with much less free time…

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Bonjour Brussels!

For months last semester, my housemate and I talked of going to Belgium, and kept on planning trips which all seemed to fall through when life got too busy. That’s why this weekend I was especially glad when we actually made it onto the coach to Brussels – there was a moment of ‘we’re actually…

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