Greenhand Backpacker (Part 3: Wunderbar Frankfurt)

Dear readers, I sincerely promise that this is going to be the last spam of the “Greenhand Backpacker” trilogy. Please bear with me, I’m such a new-born baby in the travelers’ world. For the very first time that I stay somewhere alone overnight and the very first time that I go across the national border…

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Cats in Contemplation

Sometimes one really wonders why cats are such existentialist creatures.It surely occurs in other places, but it first caught my attention in the Netherlands. Walking around the city, one cannot but be surprised by the large number of cats that sit by a window in bourgeois domestic comfort, gazing out into a free space of the…

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I left my *legs* in Budapest.

I have to admit that when my housemate told me that she really wanted to visit Budapest before leaving Europe at the end of the semester, to say I was dubious is probably an understatement. I thought that this whole scheme was going to be crazy, expensive and difficult. How wrong could I be? Well,…

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Spring in The Hague

Exactly one year ago, I came to see The Hague for the first time, I visited my future apartment, drifted through the beautiful city center and just enjoyed the international but still “gezellig” atmosphere. Though I remember the sunny, but freezing weather we had, just now I experience how spring really feels here in The…

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Horsing Around!

War Horse is an international hit play, loved for its heart-warming story, it’s innovative set-design and its great music. So when a friend invited me to watch a live screening of the play, I jumped at the opportunity and I wasn’t disappointed! We decided to see the play in Rotterdam because I’ve been intrigued by…

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Double Delight!

“Be thou the rainbow in the storms of life. The evening beam that smiles the clouds away, and tints tomorrow with prophetic ray” – Lord Byron I have to confess that I thought many times over whether I should blog about this topic. But in the end I decided that maybe I should give it…

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