AIESEC Leiden!


  Hello there potential and current Leiden University students. As the academic year draws to an end, I got to thinking about how involved I was with student associated events and organizations this past year. I wonder whether I should have pushed myself to leave the safety of the library and venture out into the…

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你好! Learning Chinese #1

In my little Chinese Trilogy I will share with you my thoughts about learning Chinese, the difficulties, the curiosities, the surprises and what I can already read and understand when I go into Chinatown. But first a little introduction … 大家好!我叫 Frederike 中文名字是非凡! … which means something like “Hello, everyone! I am Frederike, and my…

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Survival after a week-long battle

11:50 pm, 200 words to go… 11:55 pm, 50 words left! 11:59 pm, oops let me get to 11:59:58 pm, SUBMITTED! I guess this pretty much sums up a lot of people’s reading week or exam week at college. (I’m not going to be optimistic about the productivity of college students, sorry) I just…

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Marilyn Monroe, by Andy Warhol

Studying while Swinging

I told my friends back home in China that my final assignment for one of my courses this block is to write five diary entries that contain creativity, imagination, and a certain level of knowledge about the historical happenings in the 1960s. They were really surprised, “are you telling me that you write a novelette…

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Some Days Are Just Better

Lately, I’ve been like a zombie.  It’s as if I was in a loop of procrastination. I had so many things to do but… I choose the following: Eat. Watch. Sleep. (And occasionally party.) I was looking for a way to break the cycle and get my life back on track. During this period I…

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