True Leidener love: The Zaterdag Markt

I´ve lived in Leiden since August 2012 and although every week I fall in love with a new thing I discover in our little town, there are some things that are still among my favorites despite of the fact I´ve seen it time and again…I still remember that I arrived on a Wednesday, had a…

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Auckland Zoo

Guilty Weekend Pleasures

January and February didn’t quite turned out to be the relaxing start to the new year I was hoping them to be. Work, a bout of man-flu and increasingly intense preparation sessions for Model United Nations (see previous blog post to find out more about MUN in Leiden) left me with much less free time…

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photo 5-2


One of the many benefits of living in Leiden is being able to leave it so easily at the weekends. Not because Leiden is boring, far from it; you only have to scroll through the blogroll here to get an idea of the myriad things we Leideners get up to in our free time. What…

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TED-spiration: a day in the life of a Leiden caveman

It’s now nearly a month since Leiden’s very own TEDx conference where speakers from all over the Netherlands and Europe gathered in the Meelfabriek to inspire we Leideners (and token Leideners) with their ‘ideas that change the world’ (see Anna Frederike’s great post about the TEDx day here if you missed it: I was…

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Grand Opening Anna van Buerenplein – LUC The Hague Building

It was a great honor for me to be able to attend the Grand Opening of “Anna van Buerenplein”, the main building of Leiden University College The Hague on 31st October. As a second-year student, I have seen the improvements LUC has made in the last academic year, and I have also got many surprises at LUC. Although I came all the way from China to a totally alien place, I feel so warmly welcomed that LUC motivates me to learn more, to explore more, and to enjoy more about the world. My lovely friends here chill with me; we study together and also hang out together very often. They are very caring and my homesickness lessens a lot because of friendship and the kind regards from LUC teachers. I am more than happy to study here, and I am sure that LUC will shine and glitter in the process of “building knowledge for a better world” (that’s our motto!). Ready for the opening reception! Free food! I have to be honest with my readers here,   that my favorite thing about formal events at LUC is…FOOD! An amazing speech given by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Excellency Mr. Frans Timmermans. Mr. Frans Timmermans focused on knowledge nowadays as a new world challenge, and encouraged LUC students and staff to explore more about Global Challenges, one of the main concepts of LUC The Hague curriculum. Surprise! Video about Leiden University College The Hague Video about the Grand Opening Reception PHOTO CREDITS: NICOLE ROMIJN FOTOGRAFIE, LUC THE HAGUE VIDEO CREDITS: LUCID, LUC THE HAGUE P.S. Interested? Come to our open day this Saturday (16th November)!

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