Biking from Den Haag to Leiden.

One of the things I always wanted to try while in The Netherlands was to go on a long bike ride. Despite spending a considerable amount of time in The Netherlands and most of it spend on bikes, I never went on a biking trip which could truly be considered as a long one. So…

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Lekkere zondag in Leiden: Japanmarkt and all that relaxation

Sounds as if I am free of deadlines and dues, but I could not stop the urge for another little trip to Leiden for the Japanese market and everything awesome in Leiden. Lovely weather, isn’t it? At the very first stand… This is just much too adorable! It’s very interesting to see little girls wearing…

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True Leidener love: The Zaterdag Markt

I´ve lived in Leiden since August 2012 and although every week I fall in love with a new thing I discover in our little town, there are some things that are still among my favorites despite of the fact I´ve seen it time and again…I still remember that I arrived on a Wednesday, had a…

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Fresh ‘n’ Fast

When I lived in Paris, I ate out a lot. And I mean, a lot. The food is good, the wine even better and there’s nothing out of the ordinary to go to dinner with friends on a weekly basis or even to nip out alone for a restaurant luncheon. In the Netherlands, the eating…

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Auckland Zoo

Guilty Weekend Pleasures

January and February didn’t quite turned out to be the relaxing start to the new year I was hoping them to be. Work, a bout of man-flu and increasingly intense preparation sessions for Model United Nations (see previous blog post to find out more about MUN in Leiden) left me with much less free time…

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photo 5-2


One of the many benefits of living in Leiden is being able to leave it so easily at the weekends. Not because Leiden is boring, far from it; you only have to scroll through the blogroll here to get an idea of the myriad things we Leideners get up to in our free time. What…

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TED-spiration: a day in the life of a Leiden caveman

It’s now nearly a month since Leiden’s very own TEDx conference where speakers from all over the Netherlands and Europe gathered in the Meelfabriek to inspire we Leideners (and token Leideners) with their ‘ideas that change the world’ (see Anna Frederike’s great post about the TEDx day here if you missed it: I was…

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