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When it comes to seasonal snack foods (in my honest opinion) no one does it better than the dutch. Having lived in the Netherlands for a few weeks by now I was constantly exposed to the expression “omg you haven’t tried (Insert strange snack food here) yet!!!”.

As I sat watching a hangover movie with my rowing club Papa and Mama this time it was poffertjes. Poffertjes are basically little pancakes sold by street vendors during the colder seasons.

Being poor however, me and a few other international students decided to google how to make them ourselves. Inspired by the packaging for a pack of butter (campina) from the Albert Heijn I decided to google a recipe, and see if it could be done.

I went about buying a poffertjes pan from Blokker for a measly 6.50 (an investment I rationalise to myself at the time) and began to google a recipe. I came across an informative blog known as the KitchenButterfly and we were off.

The key ingredient (I was informed by my lab colleague Wilbert) was powder sugar. Or Poederzuiker as it is known to the Dutch. This can basically be found in any supermarket but is cheapest in the Hoogvliet on Hooigracht. The preparation was relatively simple and once the pan was hot everyone wanted to have a go at turning the baby pancakes (see here for a true masterclass). The results were wonderful but you can judge for yourself:

Almost ready!


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