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Winter wonderland in the Hague

Last week an old school friend of mine from England decided to visit. Wanting to show him more of the Netherlands than just Amsterdam, I convinced him to trade in the world famous metropolis for some of the Netherlands more quaint (and in my opinion more beautiful) towns.

Being so central in the western Netherlands, Leiden, is extremely close and well connected to two of my favourite places: The Hague and Delft. Delft is a tiny picturesque town just south east of The Hague and perfect for a day trip where you can unwind and perfect for reading a book by a canal. It also houses one of the Netherlands finest technical sciences and engineering schools, but is probably more famous for the blue and white pottery – Delftware – I remember as a child my mother warning me not to touch behind our glass cabinet. Little did I know back then that this is where it originated from.

Posing with pretty dutch ladies advertising queens day festivities

On Saturday I lined up a blockbuster day for him. We spent the morning strolling around the market eating kibbeling, calamari, and fresh stroopwafels, something which has become quite a ritual for myself.

Flowers anyone? Leiden Market.

After a cappuccino with some friends on the nieuwe rijn we set out for The Hague where I had purchased groupon vouchers to go snowboarding at De Uithof. De Uithof is an indoor snow arena where activities such as ice karting, skiing and snowboarding are the order of the day. Having never done any of these before I brought along one of my friends, Anas, from the Leiden University College Den Haag (Leidens liberal arts college) who could show us the ropes. We spent the next 4 hours repeatedly falling over and our escapades can be viewed in the video I threw together below (Note: I may have used a bit of creative license to make myself look more talented than I really am…)

Unfortunately we weren’t able to graduate to the longer slope, but I imagine after this experience I’ll be back for more before I leave. We wrapped the evening up in Burger King at Den Haag Centraal before heading back to Leiden for some beers with more international students. The next day happened to be Queens night, which in anticipation for Queens day is one of the biggest parties in The Hague. We found ourselves again amongst the international students who were flocking late in the evening to the Dutch city of justice (as I like to call it) where everything was overwhelmed with white, blue, but mainly  Orange.

Queens night in the Hague


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  1. mandala56
    May 6, 2012

    What fun! I never would have imagined such a place. Glad you put up the video, I enjoyed it!

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