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Sneak Peek at Roxy Horror

A few days ago you could read about Anna’s experience with the Leiden English Freshers – the theatre group that is based at the department I study at, but open to both English freshers, and just freshers at theatre, or just any enthusiastic student with an interest in English theatre. They put on two shows a year, so even if you’re here for just one term, you can always check out their website for audition dates!

During my exams these past weeks, I’ve been haunted by people quietly humming show tunes – which in itself is not odd, my friends also have a strong preference for Disney tunes – but they were strangely specific this time around. No Disney, but “All that jazz” and “Let’s do the time warp again!” were the ones I heard suspiciously frequently.

How is any of this connected to LEF? Well, considering the notorious lack of people with an y-chromosome at my department, they are putting on a show extraordinaire this week, performing “The rocky horror picture show” with a twist. Make Rocky into Roxy, throw in some Chicago, and what you get is Roxy Horror. I snuck into rehearsals last week to give you a sneak peek of what to expect and before I go on I’ll say as much: I highly respect the actors that were not distracted by my giggling, because it is funny as hell – quite a change from last term’s “A streetcar named desire”.

The quite small room somewhere in a corner of the Lipsius building quickly turned out to be much too small for the big voices that were suddenly coming out of people I’d been sitting in class with. While joke after joke was being made by the cast-members and the crew, all comprised of students, with the occasional supporting tutor thrown in, it quickly turned professional as director Alex van Kampen took the stage to go over a few things. Once started however, every bit of ‘serious actor’ disappeared, and out came the characters. The joy with which they perform the songs and choreographies is infectious, and the love every cast-member has for their character is evident. It’s a good thing most students are over 18, because if I had three words to describe Roxy, it is cheeky, fast, and definitely sexy.

Every term I have the excuse of not having enough time to join, but after actually attending one of the rehearsal, I might just sign up next term to do some backstage work (let’s just not discuss my lack of acting talent here).

The group works really well together, both on and off the stage, and I encourage you all to go check out the piece (and our very own Anna!) on stage this Thursday and Friday. Tickets are available via, check out the poster in Anna’s post for more information!


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