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One more week, my first academic year in Leiden University will be officially end.

Today I added several more pictures about my last project of the year to my “project gallery”. It’s for my elective course in Delft, and I’m very glad that we chose the NAO robot as our research topic. It’s simply so cute that it brings a lot of fun during our research.


It’s fun browsing through the “gallery”. It reminds me of what I have been doing during the year, and the progress I’ve gained little by little.

My first intention to come to Leiden University and study Media Technology is to learn about innovation, learn about how to think creatively. It might not be completely true but according to what I see Chinese students are usually not very good at being creative:( Our way of thinking are somehow too limited, or say too “grounded”. But as soon as I started this master program I knew that this was one good choice.

During my study here, classes always go in a dynamic atmosphere. Students also actively share course-related materials after class. After all these time, my biggest impression is that it is not about what you’re told to do, it is about what you want to do. They give you enough freedom to do your own study within the program. At first I was really not used to it when it comes to “getting an idea about what you’re going to do”. But now I think I really got a lot better at it.

The progress I made is greatly because of the environment I’m in. Being among such group of free-minded people it’s hard not to get inspired. Up till now we’ve done many projects and every time there are always some ideas and works that are so interesting or unconventional, or simple but brilliant, that impress me a lot. So even though the study schedule is very tight and especially this semester projects just come one after another, I’m still enjoying what I’m doing and having fun in creating those projects.

(Pictures below are some of the projects and exhibition we had)

People here in general feel freer – and I’m not talking about drug or homosexual issues;) People get to think more freely, which result in more creative minds, I think. Anyway, up till now I’m pretty happy with what I’ve learned and I’m looking forward to my second year of creativity experience.

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