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Roxy Rave Review!

It has been a little over a week now since the final performance of Roxy Horror and I can say without doubt, that it was a roaring success. I won’t lie; some things went a little wrong. For example, at one point I was being undressed by Frank’n’Furter, exposing the infamous flimsy golden outfit, but unfortunately the belt was tied a little too tight and simply refused to come off, clinging to my waist for dear life and hanging on limply throughout the first act. A few lines were missed or confused but were impressively picked up again, such as by Dr Scott and Brad during a dialogue concerning the extra-terrestrial nature of the castle inhabitants. But all in all, despite a few slip ups, it was a great success. And I’m not just being smug; standing ovations and audience members singing along are testament to the enjoyment of the show.

So why was it so enjoyable to watch? To me the answer is clear; we were all simply having a fantastic time, it wasn’t an act. Over the past five or so months the cast have spent so much time together that it was inevitably going to be great fun. The friends I had already made in the group became even closer and those I didn’t already know became my new chums. That’s not to say it was always plain sailing. Spending so much time together leads a cast to become like a family unit, with the same dynamics you might have with mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. I think you can see what I’m getting at. But all the ups and downs, highs and lows of emotions experienced when creating something as ambitious as a musical in only a few months, are testament to the bonds created among the group and the wonderful time we spent together.

I will never forget the nausea of nerves I experienced backstage waiting to go on for my solo. My first entrance came only during scene four, so I was the last to go on. With no one else backstage to calm my nerves I was utterly terrified, but as soon as I entered the stage and looked out to see the faces of friends and family, their faces beaming with pride, my terror was instantaneously forgotten and I too had a fantastic time.

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