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Holiday, holiday, holiday!

It is summer holiday now. Many students have gone home but I chose to stay to experience the summer in Leiden, and take a little tour outside the Netherlands.

Due to the very full schedule my study programme had, this summer holiday happen to be my first chance to go somewhere further than Belgium (which was once part of Holland). And this time I chose a bit more to the east Europe – Prague and Vienna.

Since I had a low budget, I planned my trip as economical as possible, starting with flying to Prague by Transavia airline at the cost of only 58 euro. And then I realized the problems of taking cheap flights: bigger chance of long-time delay, and expensive food and drinks on the plane. Well, luckily we arrived in Prague safely (that’s all I ask for ;).

And then the upcoming seven days were all about massive walking and photo shooting, appreciating the views and architectures, and being bothered by the weather.

The weather in Prague was OK except for one day, which was totally sunny and hot in the morning and then it unexpectedly rained twice during the day and got us caught in the freezing cold. Before going I checked the weather in Vienna and it was all very hot, over 30 degrees. But when I was there, temperature started to drop under 20, and weather went cloudy and rainy all the time! It seemed I brought the weather of the Netherlands to Vienna, I joked. And now, my impression is that it switched between rainy and sunny every half an hour for most of the time.

However, beside the not-so-nice weather, everything else is fantastic. Both cities have very different landscape compared to the Netherlands’ cities, and so are the architecture styles and street views. They all have their own charms.

If you ask Chinese people “hey why not take a break and relax a bit”, many would say oh no I wish I could but… then came up with a big pile of reasons not to do that. At least that’s what my friend replied when we talked few days ago. She was complaining that all the work and study was getting her so busy and so tired all the time that she’s even getting a bit sick. I’m so glad that people here take going-on-holidays as such an important part of their lives. And it is indeed easier to take trips around the neighborhood – no complicated procedures, just pack your bags, get some transportation, are you ready to go? Enjoy the last bit of the summer holiday!

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