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International Students Days: Part 2

I happily got a bit of a lie-in on Friday, as I only had to meet my group at 12. We all met at the station, and then walked up to the sports centre. It didn’t seem as far away as it had last year, and there were so many interesting and excellent conversations to be had on the way. The rain the night before had flooded the grass near the stalls where we got our lunch, so we clustered together on the concrete next to the tennis courts. Even so, we still ended up with wet bums.

We made a quick tour of the stalls where societies were promoting their activities, signed up for some ISN groups, ate a freshly baked stroopwaffel, and watched some people doing zumba. We also checked out the bikes, but I don’t think anyone in my group got one. Maybe we arrived too late, but there didn’t seem to be any good ones left. One bike didn’t even have a seat…I may be no expert on bikes, but I’m pretty sure a seat is a necessity.

Tired and quite chilled by the wind, we walked back to Leiden, and I managed to pop home for an afternoon nap. That evening, some of us met up again for dinner at Fresh and Fast, before meeting up with more of our group for drinks. Later, we went on to Incasa for the introduction party. I think the event could have been advertised more clearly, because the people in the queue with me from other groups as well as mine were very surprised that they would have to pay to get into the club. Everyone had assumed that because it was an introduction party, it would be free. But in any case, once inside we had a fantastic time. We met so many people, and danced and danced. I walked home very late (or is that early?), with aching feet and good memories.

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I really feel that I got lucky with my friendly and enthusiastic group, and we all saw each other again on Sunday for a picnic in the park. The rain stayed away, and although there were no blue skies, it was warm enough for me. We joined up with another group, so it was a good way to get to know other people from different programs.

I really enjoyed my time with group 11, and I’m looking forward to hanging out with them throughout the next year. Being a guide was even more fun than I had thought, especially because my co-guide was so cool. If I have time next semester, I’ll definitely do it again!

Happy guides at the end of a busy two days

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