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Casino Royale

It’s not often that a student has the opportunity to gamble in a casino, so when I was offered two free tickets to the Holland Casino Gambling Experience through my position as Arts and Entertainments Feature Writer for The HagueOnline I jumped at the opportunity! A thirty second phone call later and my boyfriend was also on board.

On arrival we met the other socialites we were to spend the evening with, all of whom were lovely and we were then asked to check in. Having never been to a casino before I didn’t know the protocol and so they took out ID and checked us in like at a hotel. We were then greeted with a glass of prosecco and taken to the restaurant upstairs. After some socialising we were served our dinner of rare steak, fillet of salmon and skewered prawns along with more wine. That was one fabulous free dinner! Once we had all finished we were then escorted upstairs, spilt in to two groups, gentlemen in one, ladies in the other, and were taught to gamble.

The restaurant

Black Jack came first, but not before yet another glass of wine. Black Jack is essentially a game of Twenty One, but what I didn’t know was that you play against the dealer. Furthermore, because of the copious amounts of free wine there were some other complications that I now can’t remember but somehow I still managed to win! Sadly it wasn’t for money but I got some free casino goodies. Looking over at the guys at the roulette table it seemed they were taking things far more seriously, whilst the girls were just giggling at our inability to play properly.

The men being ‘men’

Once at the roulette table my beginners luck seemed to abandon me. To play roulette you place your chips on numbers on the table whilst the croupier (fancy term for dealer) throws a ball on the spinning wheel of numbers. Once thrown, mad flinging of chips on to the table at random ensued which was mad but quite exciting. I was glad at this point that we weren’t playing for money, as I lost all my chips in the first round!

Roulette Wheel

Roulette Table

The only drawback to visiting the casino is that the James Bond theme tune will plague you night and day thereafter. The only cure is to watch the poker scene from Casino Royale whilst drinking a dry martini and making sexual innuendos in a slurred Sean Connery accent.

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