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Where do you study best?

Where are the best places in Leiden to study? What makes a work place productive, cosy or efficient? I asked some fellow Leiden students where they like to study…

Emily (me!), ResMA Area Studies

This is my tiny desk in my attic apartment. Small but cosy, close enough to the kettle to ensure perpetual green tea. And a great view over the rooftops. Here I can play music as loud as I want, read things through out loud, flip noisily through books, which would not be OK in the library…

Emily’s desk

Gaye, MA Turkish Studies

This is my room in Leiden where I can work not only in harmony with three screens but also in my pyjamas! Singing to my favourite music whilst eating lots of chocolate!

Gaye’s space

Anna (fellow Leidener), MA Ancient History

My favourite place to study is the oldest, most beautiful library I can find. When I study in somewhere like this I don’t just feel like a student, I feel like a scholar.

Anna’s perfect library

Peter, ResMA Area Studies

I had wanted a study space like this for a long time; somewhere where I could put inspirational things on the walls and have enough space to compensate for my messy, spread out study style! This space has been good for me so far; first chapter of my thesis written!

Peter’s study space

Minuk, ResMA Asian Studies

This is my best place to study — in the train. I don’t know exactly why I can concentrate on things more easily in moving vehicles (except in cars or buses, I have car sickness) than in the library or in my room. One possible explanation might be there are definite starting-ending points and a time limit, so it’s easier to be efficient. I think I will have to travel more, since I almost forgot how to study during the mid-term break!

Minuk’s ‘office’

Anna, ResMA Literary Studies

In my flat in Leiden I found the study place of my dreams: under the roof with a nice view over a little fairytale-like town. To make it cosy I separated the room with red curtains and put my old basket chair next to the desk. All the little things around the window are memories and self-made gifts from friends which make me feel happy. Then I only need a ginger and lemon tea and study time can begin!

Anna’s room

3 comments on “Where do you study best?

  1. theleidener
    November 15, 2012

    Peter’s study space looks absolutely beautiful! If I couldn’t find my ideal beautiful library Peter’s desk would be a great alternative (Anna’s Two Cent’s Worth)

  2. mandala56
    November 15, 2012

    I really enjoyed this post. I think views of special places, especially when those places are quite small, is really inspiring, I like the creativity I see.

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