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It’s time for Twelfth Night!

That’s right; it’s finally time for the theatrical extravaganza of the year! You know the one I mean of course, you’ve read The Leidener every day to check when it is since I first mentioned it, right? Of course you have, because I’M in it! Not only am I IN it, I’m STARRING in it! This year LEF have been rehearsing hard for our Christmas production of Twelfth Night, which I will go so far as to say, is the best thing you will ever see in all your life. You may even find life unfulfilling after watching it, your bleak days a dreary reminder that you once saw something beautiful, something sublime. But allow me to elaborate.

I wonder if you can spot which one is me? That whacking great big arrow might help.

Twelfth Night is the tale of Viola (not me), a shipwrecked noblewoman who finds shelter with Duke Orsino (not me) dressed as a young man and working as his page. She believes her brother Sebastian has been drowned in the same shipwreck. Meanwhile Duke Orsino (still not me, wait for it…) is desperately in love with the beautiful (very, may I add) Countess Olivia (ME!) who is mourning for her brother’s death. Orsino sends Viola (code name Cesario), to woo Olivia in his place as she refuses to see him as she finds him rather vile (no slur to my fellow actor, I assure you he’s very nice). Cue hilarity as Olivia (still me) falls for the handsome Cesario, unaware he is actually a she. Meanwhile, Olivia’s manservant Malvolio (and wooer of Olivia), makes the mistake of upsetting Olivia’s drunken uncle Sir Toby, Sir Andrew (yet another wooer of Olivia), and Maria, her clever serving maid.

I pray thee Orsino, bugger off and leave me alone

I warn you, after seeing something so fantastic, all subsequent theatrical performances will be profane filth to your eyes. BUT, it will substantially improve your life to know that you once saw ME playing Olivia.

NB. The above should be read with British tongue in cheek humour in mind. My head does actually fit rather well through doorways. Almost. My head hurts.


Date: 07-12-12 & 08-12-12

Venue: Theatre Ins Blau, Haagweg 6, Leiden

Time: 20:30

Tickets: 8,50 student price
12,50 normal price

Please e-mail to make a reservation.


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