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Pictures — the Color of Snellius

 Do you think mathematic and computer science people are dull and boring, that their life is nothing but lines and figures, black and white, zeros and ones?

Then take a look at these pictures : they belong to a small building outside the center of Leiden — Snellius.

Snellius building is part of Faculty of Science in Leiden University.  Named after a great Dutch mathematician, it is now the home for students and researchers of Mathematics, Computer Science, ICT in Business and Media Technology.

From the outside, the building looks quite simple and modest. But when I first entered, I was very much impressed: it is cheerfully colorful! 


The picture in the middle was taken by my phone on a bit of a misty day. I was riding pass the building and saw all the rooms happened to be lighted up. It just looked so nice that I had to stop and record this. 

No matter the teaching area, or the research area, or places for relaxing, colors and paintings make the whole environment lively and fun.



I’ve been studying in this building for over a year now. It actually surprised my that I haven’t written anything about my faculty before. Well, now it’s a good time.

One comment on “Pictures — the Color of Snellius

  1. Mia Liu
    November 30, 2012

    I also took a picture this afternoon when I passed by the colorful building!

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