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Triumph for Twelfth Night

Though I may not be entirely impartial, I can honestly say that Twelfth Night was a great success. Not only was it brilliant, but it was one of the best experiences of my university life. Thank you to everyone who came to watch, and for those who had the great misfortune to miss it, you can weep piteously over these photos. Don’t worry, you’ll get over it some day.

Olivia  Viola  Orsino

Olivia                                                            Viola                                               Orsino

Olivia's household     Orsino's household

Household of Olivia                                                                  Household of Orsino

Malvolio and Feste 2 Sebastian and Antonio Sir Toby

Malvolio and Feste                            Sebastian and Antonio                                 Sir Toby

Twelfth Night Group

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