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On committees and my inability to say no

Some time ago, around September, when the realisation sunk in that I would have to write a thesis this year and pass all of my courses in one go, I made a promise to myself. I vowed not to commit to any committees anymore, to not study for an exam between board-meetings and visiting venues and instead spend more time at the library, to not have to catch up on reading because my afternoon had been filled with acquisition. People who know me better hopefully know that I value promises, and yet, here I am, on the board of The Angler.


The Angler is a magazine for and by students of English, but of course anyone else is welcome to read it as well. It’s been in existence ever since the founding of the English study association Albion, about 8 years ago, but whether it was due to lack of motivated committee members, lack of time, or lack of experience, it never really took off. Not so this year, some Albion members, who had enough of the paint and word creation, thought, and the plans to revive it and make it over were born. Still lacking a secretary, this is where I joined the board, having previously been on the board of Albion. Now, about half-way through the year, the first two issues under the new board and made with the new committee have been published (the latest can be found here), and the website is well underway. In just a short while it should be the online magazine we had in mind when we started this year, not just completely remade on the outside, but also content-wise. A committee covering the larger areas of our studies (Linguistics, Literature, Philology and Language Acquisition), and other regular features, has replaced some of the freelancers, and finally created some consistency from one issue to another.

From this...

From this… this. Hey, none of us are graphic designers!

…to this. Hey, none of us are graphic designers!












Looking at what the magazine started out as, and what it has turned into over the past months, I must say, I’m pretty damn proud. And maybe this is exactly why I keep saying yes when a committee crosses my path – you get to create something. Now someone please stop me from saying yes to the backstage crew of LEF!

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