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Rehearsal Weekend in Wieringen

Last weekend I joined my theatrical friends of the LEF theatre group for the biannual rehearsal weekend. What’s that you say? What starring role am I playing in the summer production? Oh you’re too kind, but sadly I didn’t audition in order to give myself time to work on my thesis (see Thesis Hell). Acting in a play takes up much more of your time than you would imagine.



Anyway, for rehearsal weekend we went to Wieringen in northern Holland, about an hour from Amsterdam. The cottage was lovely and cosy and we weren’t so far from civilisation as last time (near the German border, miles from human contact, very much expecting a chainsaw wielding serial killer to burst in at any moment). This was the first rehearsal weekend I had been to where I didn’t have to worry about lines and was able to take in the countryside. So whilst the others rehearsed A Midsummer Night’s Dream (more to follow about that in a future post) myself, Iris and Charlie went for a little explore of the nearby village of Hippolytushoef, charmingly Dutch, and then we wandered over to the beach. The tide was out for miles and in the near distance you could actually see the Dutch islands, Iris pointing out Texel for me.

Low tide and islands on the horizon

Low tide and islands on the horizon

In the evenings we played the traditional LEF game ‘Werewolves’ which is basically a murder mystery but so much more fun! Essentially it involves wildly accusing everyone of eating each other and everyone but me (never having been a wolf) lying through their teeth, though some are better than others…

On this rehearsal weekend I made the wonderful discovery of ‘vla’, a cold custard type pudding that comes in a container like a milk carton. It was a revelation. I am currently eating a bowl of vanilla and caramel flavour and I can thoroughly recommend it, though my Dutch friends seem to unanimously prefer chocolate.



On the last day (after another bowl of vla) I watched the full run through of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and it was great!

RW group

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