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Easter in Scheveningen

Yesterday was one of the happy days. One of the days where I weak up because it gets too warm in my bed as the sun shines strongly in through the window. One of the days, where even the really busy student life at LUC allows yourself a break. One of the days when you think that after all Den Haag might be a really beautiful city. On these days I go to the beach.

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I took a book and my bike and started my little journey to Scheveningen. From where I live, it is really only around 15 minutes biking. But I strolled rather slowly through the city observing the couples and families that went for a casual Easter Monday shop and getting all excited about the little crocuses that started to grow recently. This can only mean that finally spring is coming.

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Thus, by the time I arrived in Scheveningen I was already in a really relaxed mood. This is important when going to Scheveningen as the beach itself doesn´t really amaze you on the spot. The best days of the pear are already over and the architecture at the esplanade is a mixture of some rather non-charming hotels of the 60s and 70s and some very Dutch buildings which are a bit more charming.



Recently the renovation of the promenade was finished and it turned out to be really pretty with lots of cute sculptures and a terrace-like buildup. Together with the numerous beach clubs, bars and restaurants that are very chill and make Scheveningen so much more enjoyable, it is now a really nice place to go. Actually, the freezing water and the somewhat ugly architecture don´t matter when you enjoy a drink with some friends and just calm down your thoughts while looking at the kitesurfers playing with the wind and the waves.

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Yesterday the beach was really crowded. Seeing that it was a national holiday and a very sunny day, this is rather unsurprising but it was nice to be surrounded by people who don´t study with me for a change. Then you see how the parents play with their children and dogs, how adrenalin runs through the teenagers´ veins when performing skateboard jumps and how people soak up the sun like iguanas after cold nights. Then, your first Easter in Den Haag becomes a really nice day, even without hidden nests full of chocolate eggs.

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