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ISN Cultural Festival on Saturday

Every year, ISN hold a cultural festival in Leiden, celebrating and showcasing all the various nationalities of the international student body at Leiden University. Students form groups to represent their home countries and put on workshops, displays, make food, play music and anything else that they think represents where they come from.

This year the party will be at Scheltema (Marktsteeg 1), on Saturday 8th June. The event runs all day and evening, from 13:00 to 20:00. It costs only €3 to enter, and once you’re in everything there, from food and drink to workshops, is included in the price! Even better, this year the celebration will continue until 23:00 at the after party, also held at Scheltema.

It’s always a great event – the perfect time-out from essay writing, a chance to (re-)connect with fellow international students from all around the world, eat delicious food and maybe pick up a new skill.

Here’s a few videos to whet your appetite. Looking forward to seeing you guys there on Saturday!

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