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Spotted – another new library area

I realized that I definitely spend too much time in the library when I became aware of the fact that the only thing I can think of sharing on the Leidener is the completion of another new library area. In contrast to my brave fellow blogger Anna, Yuri, Eric and Robyn, I am still working on my thesis. Though I am risking the mockery of my friends who will again call me a nerd for saying and sharing this, I have to admit that exploding the new library area was THE highlight of last week for me.

To be fair, it does not look that different from the other new areas, but what I especially like about it are the new round tables that are spread all over this side of the library which give you much more space to breathe. For some reason, with round tables I associate less work than with the square ones which makes me feel more creative. Let’s just hope that enthusiasm will help me finishing my thesis. 

Have a look at it and come and check out my new favourite library area.

2013-06-10 21.36.36


2013-03-21 15.35.43


2013-06-10 21.38.04


2013-06-10 21.38.26

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