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Hungry? Not in The Hague!

Well, this afternoon I took my bike through the center of The Hague to finally open my bank account. While sitting in the bank and waiting I was facing an enormous problem: What am I going to have for dinner tonight? My fridge is empty…

Coming from a really small town in rural Germany, it is exciting to see something happening on the marketplace. Anyways, on the way to Albert Heijn, I went through the city center again and what did I see there?

The Singapore food fair in The Netherlands.

1376793_10202111110721053_578954004_nI’m telling you: It was like heaven and saved my evening!

They had a huge tent where you got to try all this lovely Singaporean food, freshly cooked and served by nice and chatty Asians: For Free! My favorite was “the fresh steamed fish”. However, the noodles -which every second meal consisted of – were amazing as well. They even served different flavors of water on the station after the really spicy dish…

Anyways, they will be here tomorrow again all day long. So, I know what I am going to have for lunch and dinner! 😉

The best part: A random man started talking to me in Dutch and after my general answer: “Mijn Nederlands is niet so goud, spreek u auch angels?”, he told me that there was a fabulous cheese and fish market on the seaside every Saturday where you could try out everything. Wow… perfect!

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