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Sick of studying in your room? Here you go!

During reading week At Leiden University College, you are basically sitting in front of your computer from 8 in the morning till 2 in the night. (exaggeration is necessary to get some sympathy…).

Anyways, staying in your room 24/7 makes you crazy. Therefore, I collected some tips about what you can do in The Hague if you are

Sick of studying in your room? Here you go!

If you did not get anything done the entire morning, but you really have to finish this essay by its deadline on midnight, a change of your study location could be the solution!

The Park

+ Is an amazing place to study during reading week, because you get fresh air. However, this is just suitable for you if you don’t require a desk. Anyways, because you are usually only reading and writing on your computer, this should not be a problem!
– the dogs running around and the happy children who just got off school might be a little distraction

–       since it usually rains during reading week, this is not a good option!

The Royal Library

+Is there a better place to study than in the library? All those books standing around just seem to you as you were a smart academic who would actually read them once. Also, it is nice and quite there. Of course, there are other libraries as well in The Hague (or Leiden), but the royal library just makes you feel like a royal guy, so much better for your motivation!

–       studying 24/7 will annoy you as well, so, better get ready for solution Nr. 3photo 1

The Beach

You might be originally from an exotic place like me (rural Germany where the next seaside is about 1000km away), and therefore really excited to now study and live just a 10 minute bike ride away from the beach.. This is the solution to get inspired with perfect motivation -> go to a Café at the beach and after you get kicked out, since you were sitting there the entire day with only one cappuccino, the dunes are a very nice location as well. Having a view to The Hague and nearly to England (at least in my imagination), you can find a nice spot without any wind. However, there is sunshine and trust me: it feels like you are studying in paradise on earth! … don’t forget to bring your cocktail though…photo 2

The Summary: The perfect Reading week day!

  1. have breakfast in your room and study in the library next door till noon
  2. get a sandwich at home and then off to the beach to get some sunshine
  3. go back and have dinner
  4. study in your room all evening until you fall tired into your bed!

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