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Triumphant Hunt @ East Asian Library

Are you a book worm or do you just love collecting books that have a fragrance of time, history, and cultural inter-communication? East Asian Library will be a perfect place for you! Located at Arsenaalstraat 1 in Leiden, East Asian Library has already been an indispensable part of Leiden University, a university that has an awesome academic excellence in Asian studies. Several months ago, a friend of mine told me that there was a sale at East Asian Library. I doubted how libraries could put their collections on sale, but I still went there because of curiosity. This was definitely my best choice ever! After arriving at the library, I was guided to a teeny tiny room. A sweet smell of ‘aged books’ caught my excitement. I walked into the room, and found five shelves full of books, books, full of books! Words simply could not describe my happiness. What brought me joy was not only the high quality of the book, but also the fact that Chinese books or books about East Asia are usually pretty expensive here compared to the prices back home; however, at the library sale, you could get one paperback for 1 euro, and hard cover for only 2 euros! That was absolutely a big bargain. I was almost crazy and I told my friend who brought me here, “I JUST WANNA BRING THE WHOLE LIBRARY HOME IF I COULD!”


Here is a picture of what I got in the sale. I only spent 15 euros and I got about 15 books! There were even books that the library gave away for free.

And what was awesome to the upmost…Image


Even in China these old-fashioned editions could not be easily found; how lucky I was to discover that I could get these books! And how cool it is to start from the right and read vertically! Also, as an ancient Chinese (language) lover, these books are simply perfect for me to get me the atmosphere of traditional wisdom and culture.

Impressed? Come here in Leiden, or find the East Asian Library on Facebook: Have fun reading!


by Xueyan Xing (coming all the way from China; studying at Leiden University College The Hague)

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