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An adventure to Delft…

Like me perhaps a lot of you are experiencing the joys of reading week, having a massive load of spare time!  If also like me you may also only be in The Netherlands for a short amount of time. I constantly get suggestions from friends of all the amazing places that NEED to be visited whilst I’m out here and so I’ve decided to make a list of them all… it’s too long: apparently there’s just too many amazing things to do in this little country! So I’ve decided to get started… this list will get completed… so here’s the start of my little adventures in The Netherlands..

Lucky for me we’re in such a tiny country and so the first of my adventures is only a twenty minute train ride away. I decided to visit the historic town of Delft; the home of Vermeer, Delft Pottery and a Royal center.  Firstly, it must be noted that Delft isn’t that different from Leiden – there are bicycles, canals and cute little streets.

2012-08-21 21.46.18


I think it does have it’s own little charm however and is beautiful to see. We grabbed a scenic walking tour from the tourist office and went on an epic trail round the city..


2012-08-21 21.48.03

As with Leiden, this city has beautiful old town gates, this one now having been turned into a little house – what a cute place to live!


2012-08-21 22.07.40


The canals in Delft were so peaceful, we were lucky to find a bench by the canal to eat lunch and look over at this lovey scene!

2012-08-21 22.09.18


The town hall is also pretty spectacular, filled with beautiful ornaments and amazing architecture!




2012-08-21 22.31.18


Sadly when I visited, it was a Sunday and so it wasn’t possible for me to have a peak inside the church; although it is supposed to be beautiful, so make sure you give it a little look if possible!


2012-08-21 22.55.04


Overall, a lovely adventure… and at only a short distance it’s such a beautiful place for a little afternoon stroll followed by the obligatory hot chocolate 🙂

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