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Coco Chanel in The Hague

Actually, my first post should be a story about a successful trip to the Coco Chanel exhibition … but read yourself what happened.

About a month ago, I bought the museumkaart at the information desk oft the “Gemeentemuseum”. My card cost 25€, as I am still 18 years old. The regular card costs 49,95€, still a great price, if you consider that this card is valid for one year and that you can visit almost all museums in the Netherlands for free. You can find more details on:


One week ago I finally wanted to try my new museumkaart, and as I saw the posters for the Chanel exhibition: “COCO – OF HET KLEINE ZWARTE JURKJE“ in the “Gemeentemuseum”. I found an interesting exhibition in a museum that would be worth a visit, even though I was quite busy with the preparation for my first exam.

On this beautiful Sunday afternoon I decided to take a break and to bike to the by museum, as I was curious to see something about the life and works of Coco Chanel, one of the most famous female couturiers.

However, after reaching the museum, I saw that I was not the only one, who wanted to visit the exhibition… a gigantic waiting line extended beyond the entrance, and many people were desperately waiting outside the building.

I decided to look for the information desk first, which turned out to be a good idea, as the lady behind the desk told me that I should “bring much time” if I really wanted to see the exhibition today – I would have to expect to wait for about 1.5 hours.

That was a bit too long for me, as I still had to catch up with the readings for our exam.

photo 1

I decided to come back on Tuesday, as the museum just open from Tuesday – Sunday 11 – 17hrs.

On Tuesday, one day before our first exam, I felt well prepared and decided to divert myself with a short excursion to the “Gemeentemuseum”. Therefore I went up early to be one of the firsts to buy a ticket. I was as in time, as I usually am – 11 am in front of the museum. However, three tour busses already let of about 150 visitors, all of them waiting for the museum to open. I was very surprised!

photo 2

Although I was – of course – very disappointed, I have to say that this could be read as a sign that this exhibition is as interesting as advertised on the webside of the “Gemeentemuseum”.

I will stay on the ball, and I will be back soon, with a report about how interesting the exhibition really is.

If someone of you had the great fortune to get in… is there any day/time that you could recommend? 🙂

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  1. Millie
    October 27, 2013

    Good Luck for your next try.

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