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Hitchhiking competition: 1500 km to Barcelona


Who arrives first in Barcelona via hitchhiking and without spending any money on rides?! This was the question, which led  19 teams out of 2 or 3 students on Saturday noon to get some adventure, experience, Spanish and French skills, 26°C and sunshine.


Hitchhiking competition: 1500 KM to Barcelona


It may sound pretty crazy to hitchhike through five countries during fall break as a University competition, however, nearly 50 LUC students did it. Now imagine, teams such as “Bacon and Bullschmitt”, a British and a German student studying in The Netherlands, are making their way thro

ugh entire Europe. It was hillarious! At some points, we got long rides very easily, but we also found out what it means to be stuck at a gas station for five hours – being frustrated. The first group arrived in the beautiful city of Barcelona after only 19 hours! The last group after 3 days. We made it in the Top 10. Proud of ourselves after 33 hours 😉


It was a competition, so everybody tried to get there as fast as possible. Therefore the best stories came up! Some had to drive a car themselves around France for 300km, some ended up in central Parisand others were desperately trying to get a ride from two deaf girls.


However, not only the hitchhikers had a lot of fun, it was also exciting for everybody who stayed in Holland and for our families back home all over the world: The organizer (Christof: Thank you for putting so much effort into it) updated our location every four hours on facebook, so everybody could follow the current ranking 🙂


Besides the amazing journey to Barcelona, the city itself is wonderful as well. Sagrata Familia, Magic Fountains, the sea (warm enough for a midnight swim) and amazing Sangria turned out to be a perfect destination for a hitchhiking competition. However, there are plenty of other exciting spots in europe that need to be discovered– via another hitchhiking contest next year! Wether it will be Edinburgh or Budepast – I am looking forward to it 😉

If you want see some more impressions of our trip, Martin Grahovski created a great video about the trip. check it out:


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