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The beginning of a new tradition?

In Brazil we don´t really celebrate Halloween- with the exception of some kids that go trick or treating only to be frustrated by the candy offer and some random Halloween parties- and although here in the Netherlands this time of the year is also not accompanied by huge celebrations, the yellow of the falling leaves and the pumpkin spice latte season were the perfect background to get my Halloween mood going.

The ‘dressing up’ spirit caught me early in October when me and fellow board members dressed up for a ‘Super Heroes’ party which was a lot of fun, especially because a lot of people couldn´t recognize us (and I couldn´t either since I didn´t have my glasses on).


The INSenvergs, the proof that 2 euro wigs and crafty hands go a long way

A while later ISN Arts & Crafts club promoted a pumpkin carving ‘workshop’. Again, this is not a big tradition in Brazil. For us pumpkins should be used for this…


Camarão na Moranga- Shrimps in the pumpkin- a deliciously creamy Brazilian dish, Google Images

Jokes apart, the students did an awesome job!  I was really impressed (and slightly scared) by their talents with knives and we even had a small contest to vote for the best three!


busy artists


Our own pumpkin feast!


How cool is that?


The three winners

I got so excited that I got myself two mini pumpkins to try some carving of my own later (or maybe I´ll just use them the Brazilian way hehe).


My two future victims

Traditions aside the big event of Halloween is, of course, the Halloween party! A lot of them happen every year in Leiden but one of the most traditional places to meet internationals- Einstein- also has its special night!
Every year the ISN board tries to dress as a group and this year we went as Disney characters- obviously with a Halloween twist of spookiness- and I loved our costumes! I had two friends over (which will lead to a post soon on a day trip we had) and they didn´t have time to put a whole costume together…but in Halloween a zombie make up goes a long way!


ISN trying to ruin some people´s Disney childhood


My two creepy visitors

Before coming to Leiden I honestly didn´t consider Halloween to be a big day in my calendarr, but after living my second semi-Halloween here in Leiden I got to admit that I want to introduce the pumpkin carving and some other Halloween traditions when I´m back to my country =)


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