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Imagine Dragons: Live at the Melkweg

On the 2nd November, I went to see Imagine Dragons perform at the Melkweg (Milky Way) in Amsterdam. One of the many benefits of living in The Hague (or Leiden) is that Amsterdam is only a short train ride away, which means you can go and see big names when they’re on tour. Jake Bugg is in town on the 26th November, so I’ll be there for that too (and I’ll post about afterwards!) As you can imagine, it was an amazing night which I’ll always remember as my first proper student concert!

909176_575958449120684_725529499_nSometimes it can be hard to describe concerts without saying “you had to be there”, but on this occasion I have a few things to share. I’m all for really big performances (MUSE are a pretty good example of band who always go all out) but I think that the best music always comes from the small ones. For that reason, I’d go to the Melkweg over the Amsterdam Arena four times out of five. To anyone else who prefers small scale performances that are more about the music that the spectacle, I’d say the Melkweg is the perfect venue. This is because, as well as being one of the most famous venues in Amsterdam, it’s also one of the friendliest, with a maximum capacity of 1,000 (which means it qualifies as ‘cosy’ – or more accurately – gezellig).

1396708_575958375787358_192006727_nIt’s true that both The Hague and Leiden have their own music scenes, in fact there are free music sessions at the Supermarkt in The Hague on a regular basis, but that’s mainly local artists. Equally, there are opportunities to get involved in musical projects with Leiden University. I participated in the Gospel Project earlier this month (info and pictures to follow, stay tuned) and will be joining a flash mob choir in the Hague central train station before the end of the month. Some of the people reading this post – hopefully – are considering coming to study at Leiden University or LUC The Hague. If music is an important part of your life, then here you can live it to the full!

You can see Imagine Dragon’s set on Youtube here:

(Credits to Daniel Witte for the photos and videos)

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