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Volunteering in The Hague – “Giving something back to the community”

During the Grand Opening of our college building in the center of The Hague, the mayor of the city was updating us about the importance of our university in The Hague.  The city is supporting us financially, but because of that it expects us, as students who care and are invol1397083_246428502181481_1872183724_oved in our community, to give something back to the society. How could you give something back to the city in a better way than by directly helping the inhabitants in need that are living in Den Haag?
The LUCV committee has already organized many good deeds transacted by University students in The Hague. This week, another chapter of this initiative was opened.  On two different days, a great amount of students gave something back to the community of The Hague. For example on Tuesday the 12th of October, we helped a divorced mother with a disability, an inability to work and two small children, to move into a different apartment in The Hague. You cannot imagine how much work there has to be done. Carrying refrigerators, breaking down and building up closets, painting walls and … the washing machine. It speaks for itself. We all decided that whenever we have money later on in life, that we will not get a washing machine!!!

Besides doing a great deed, this was a great opportunity to see a different part of the city, which is es1147598_246427665514898_761632375_osential if you want to be a good inhabitant. Also, this volunteering was a great way to socialize and get to know other students of our University as well as people from the volunteer organization and of course the affected family itself. While taking a course in philosophy, we are learning about these stoic approaches to life and the fact that you eventually always have own interests in life and never do things exceptionally for others. Well, since I have just submitted a philosophy paper, I will not further discuss this statement. However, I can assure you, that we indeed had a lot of fun – and were laughing about certain jokes for the rest of the week  – and probably far beyond this week.

All in all, it was one of the greatest nights I had so far. A great atmosphere due to the fact that we were giving something back to the community, combined with a lot of fun! Amazing to see what can be done in such an amazing city!964700_246429018848096_498327665_o

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