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Vintage Shopping in Tilburg

Today started out as a sunny day, the best kind of day for vintage shopping in another city, I mean, Tilburg. 


My friend Laura and I took the train before the noon and arrived at the Tilburg central station within one and a half hours. Ten minutes later when we got off the bus and wandered along the roadside, a couple shouted to us from the opposite side of the road. “What??” we shouted back. They ran across the road, asking if we need to get to the vintage sales because obviously they just helped several people with the direction and obviously we dressed like “proper” vintage shoppers.

Although we only walked in Tilburg for 20 minutes near the market, we could easily see how beautiful it is. All the yellow and red falling leaves on the ground and beautiful brick houses told us about its beauty in the late fall.

After entering the building of the site of the market, we walked upstairs and downstairs (walking past a karting field and a “Western House” which we were so curious and a small pub) and then downstairs again to get to the vintage sales. We paid 4 Euro for two persons as the entrance fee (wardrobe included). Then there you go! Just choose whatever you like and put it in your blue plastic bag.


We walked past through this window to get to the market.

A lot of stuff going on right here — shoes, hats, long dresses, men’s shirts, tweed coats… All for 15 Euro per kilo.


Don’t get upset if you see other people trying on a piece of clothes you really like. They might dump it on the ground. Just wait til that moments comes and pounce at it.


For us today — I got a sweater, a scarf, a bag and a dress for 21 Euro; my friend Laura got a sweater, a bag, a men’s top (for her dad), two dresses for 29 Euro.


The only two things I might complain about:

1. I don’t really like the blue plastic bag they gave me. It made me look like a garbage lady, but anyway I am one today.

2. Too bad they don’t sell too many summer clothes there today 🙁


Check their website for more information about their future events.

The vintage sales will still be on tomorrow in Tilburg. It’s definitely worth checking out!

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