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A meet – Between “Xaver” and Zwarte Piet

Since Sinterklaas is one of the most important events in the Dutch year, there have already been quite some posts about this lovely man. However, I wanted to share with you my personal meeting with him at the beach.

foto-1On Sundays, I like to go to the beach in order to study at a café and around noon – guess what – around 20 Zwarte Piets were playing music in a brass band. That was quite a cool-looking tourism attraction that I enjoyed very much: A reason to stop studying…

The weather was nice and on my way back home I saw him!!! I saw Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet in their car, ready to drive around the city! He even waved his hand to me ! Isn’t that exciting ?!
On Thursday, the 5th of December, it also occurred to me why Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet were taking the car and not the horse-> Xaver was coming, a storm that was4 said to be hurricane-like. Coming from a region in southern Germany where not many strong storms occur, this was quite exciting. So, before having our floor Sinterklaas evening, we decided to go to the beach and check out whether Sinterklaas was still there where I saw him on Sunday. We also wanted to check out how strong Xaver really is – at the beach . I’m telling you – this bike ride was the toughest one I’ve had on flat land. Sometimes, we were not able to ride against the wind, but had to push the bike.

-> Fact of the day: even while facing a hurricane, dutchies are taking the bike…

15However, at the beach, we saw in practice what we learned in “Earth”-class. It was the way I imagine a strong storm or even a desert to be. We had to walk backwards towards the sea, because otherwise the sand/seawater wind was too strong.  2


Therefore, we had a great experience on the beach and a very easy bike ride home.

It was only sad that Sinterklaas was not there any more… But now worries – we still had a great Sinterklaas gift exchange and “gezellig” evening in our common room. 735859_676749429024914_1599139367_o

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