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Lighting up Christmas!

So my last post about Christmas I promise, I’m just finding this time of year so exciting that I feel the need to share it! I think I’m one of the lucky ones without finals this week and so I’ve been further making the most of the Dutch Christmas festivities, mainly by marveling about all the Christmas lights! I won’t bore you with all the pictures I currently have of different Christmas lights except to share two Christmas adventures this weekend and more exciting things to do in The Netherlands!

First on the agenda was a trip to Gouda to see the famous ‘candle-light’ festival in a beautiful, traditional city. We arrived in Gouda to crowds and crowds but were certainly not disappointed once we arrived in the beautiful square surrounded by candles in all the windows of the town hall, stunning lights and of course an amazing tree:

2012-11-12 04.30.58

2012-11-12 06.37.38

2012-11-12 06.34.32

Although Gouda’s ‘candle-light’ event is over for this year, it is still great to see the town all lit up for the festivities,  but if you’re still in Leiden for the holidays and looking for a fun, cultural event I would recommend Amsterdam’s light festival. Details can be found here:

It is a artistic event on throughout Amsterdam and makes use of the interplay between the light and the canals. If you’re feeling generous, you can take a canal boat tour of these light fixtures but if like me you’re a bit short on cash, it’s also great to just walk around and see the art. It’s also the sort of art that it’s possible to get involved within, so that made it a great event! 

We followed a trail round Amsterdam and although we missed a few by making our own path, there was some stunning art. This is one of those times when I wish I had a better camera, but I think these are some things that it is better to see for yourself to really appreciate… I’ve given it my best shot with the camera if you’re too busy studying or are already enjoying the comforts of home:

2012-11-14 00.46.33

2012-11-14 01.07.09

2012-11-14 01.37.41

2012-11-14 01.47.11

2012-11-14 01.54.36

2012-11-14 02.18.22

A lovely end to the evening with a hot chocolate by the fire! All that’s left to say is have a very merry Christmas everyone and I look forwards to sharing more of my adventures in the new year!

2012-11-14 02.34.36

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