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Twenty things I’ve learnt this year

Its that time of the year where one goes into a self-reflecting mode. On that note, here’s the top twenty lessons I learnt this year:

  1. Parents have always got your back. No matter what.
  2. You learn to appreciate home more when you’re away and learn so many more things about your culture. (For me it would be why are cows holy in India?)
  3. Heartbreaks are a part of university life but new beginnings are always around the corner.
  4. Your friends and room-mates are your second family. They will be your parent/sister/friend/designated driver/ brother/ nurse/ and so many more things.
  5. You can’t be friends with everybody. There are those who love you, adore you and there are those who hate your guts. It takes all kinds of people to make your world.
  6. No matter how annoying/silly/critical your room mates can be sometimes, you learn to love them just the same (even when they hide your bras in the freezer).
  7. There is something special about hand written letters. Yes, it takes some effort to send compared to an email or facebook message but they are timeless.
  8. There are people who care for you more than you think.
  9. There is something to learn from everybody.
  10. Sometimes you really want to give up. Don’t.  You might stumble and fall a lot but what matters is that you get back up.
  11. Mixing alcohol is never a good idea. If you like beer stick to beer, or in my case to Vodka Cola’s.
  12. Wearing a hoodie to university is acceptable, as long as they don’t become a permanent part of your wardrobe.
  13. If something about someone is bothering you, tell them. Your friends will appreciate it and your enemies will reflect on it.
  14. Stepping out of your house on the day you look like you just woke up is obviously the day you run into an attractive stranger (especially the supermarkets!)
  15. Sleep is golden.
  16. From what I’ve observed, people are pretty closed up in today’s world.  We are all so scared to open up to each other because we think that it makes us vulnerable. Sometimes the best life lessons are learnt when you are vulnerable and put yourself out there.
  17. Walks do wonders to your body and mind.
  18. Sometimes we only look at people as they are and base our opinion of them on it. However, it is only when we understand why people are the way they are that we can have an opinion of them.
  19. A city is not made by its buildings; it is made by its people. In a few years when I visit The Hague I’m sure I will associate places in the city with the people I went there with, the things we did and the memories we made.
  20. Just like all good things come to an end, so will university. And I know for a fact that I will be one of those people on stage during graduation who will be crying like a baby through most of the ceremony. There is nothing that prepares us for that day, but it is something that we have to go through to proceed to the next stage in life.

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