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Half a year in The Hague… my résumé and some first impressions

Looking back at 2013, much has happened; moving to The Hague and becoming a university student was one of the most exciting things …

The first contact I got to my fellow students and the university was at EL CID in August 2013. This (optional) introduction week helped to find our way through Leiden and introduced us to student associations, the university facilities and the student life in Leiden and The Hague.

The official introduction days of International Studies in September focused on The Hague. This introduction gave both, an insight into the university life and gave ideas of how to spend our leisure in this beautiful city and the gorgeous beach.


I took up some of these ideas… for instance to take a walk at Scheveningen beach, that has a beautiful skyline with lighthouse – especially pretty at sunset. Scheveningen can be reached, either by bike or by tram (tram 1, 9 and 17 and bus 21 or 22). After long days at university, such a walk is amazing and makes me feel close to nature, despite living in the city.

But please don´t get me wrong! I love The Hague´s city center, and although I heard rumors that some people think it´s ridicules, I just have to say it: The skyline is BEAUTIFUL! Both at daytime …


… and at nighttime.


I can even marvel at The Hague while washing my hands in our university… how amazing is that?! 😉

The university facilities of Campus The Hague in general are very appealing: really new and modern, with great study areas for us students.




Something odd (in a positive way): In The Hague, carriages seem to be popular means of transportation for some ambassadors (I think) and other personalities, visiting the King and Queen in their Noordeinde Palace. This is a very nostalgic way to reach a destination and beautiful to look at.


However, one thing I REALLY have to get used to is the weather here. I am not talking about the colder temperatures – I don´t mind them at all. In fact I think of the quickly changing weather. The worst storm can turn into a clear and sunny day, within minutes and the other way around! One important lesson I learned so far here in The Hague: Always expect the most beautiful weather to turn into rain.

True story: I took the first picture of the dark clouds and only 10 min later the second one. 😉




But always remember: After a storm comes a rainbow! 🙂


The (few) Dutch specialties I could try so far tasted very well! For instance the Dutch croquettes are really tasty – although a bit tricky to eat, as they are very hot in the inside, even if the outside is already cooled off… dangerous! 😉


Other dishes were less Dutch and way more exotic, but no less of a delicacy. 😉 Look closely!



2013 in the Netherlands: Overall, the first semester as a student at Leiden University in the beautiful city of The Hague was magnificent and I am looking forward to the next semesters to come!




3 comments on “Half a year in The Hague… my résumé and some first impressions

  1. Tedi Stoyanova
    January 7, 2014

    I recently applied for the BA International Studies Program (lets hope I get in!!) and this article made me super excited for my journey to come. Really enjoyed it! Good luck in your future as well 🙂

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  3. theleidener
    April 21, 2014

    Though a bit late… Good luck with your application! I hope it went well! I am happy to hear that you liked the post! 😀

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