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Virtual Interactive Food Menu System for HCI course

Last Friday, I eventually finished one of the important courses called HCI (Human Computer Interaction) for last semester. It was very intensive. There were a lot of works I had to deal with during the whole course. It was hard to find a time to take a break, even during the Christmas. I was fed into a great ideal of basic knowledge and information about HCI during this course. And then I need to take a writing exam. At the same time, I teamed up with one person as a group to come up with a creative idea regarding interaction between human and computer. For the HCI project, there were a bunch of papers have to be done one step by one step (papers included conceptual design, paper design, twice user evaluations, concept report and final research paper) in a very short time, along with building up the prototype based on our conceptual idea.

Our idea was to build up a virtual interactive food menu system instead of traditional papery food menu for customers to view the dishes on the plate in restaurants. The images of food projected on the surface of the plate via beamer. When people sat in front of the dining table and rotated the plate, the pictures of the dishes on the plate automatically changed. People can see the real- size of dishes on the plate through this system.

1Virtual Interactive Food Menu System

Virtual Interactive Food Menu System I built up with my team member.

2Virtual Interactive Food Menu System

People rotated the plate in our user testing.

It was really hard to cooperate with people; especially I did not know him before.  The processing of working with my team member it was really awful. I felt I always the one who was trying to figure out the solution when we got trouble in our project and kept pushing him to make a move on our work. During that time, I have to say I was so stressful and painful. I also had to handle with a lot of assignments from other courses simultaneously. I felt I was so tired and to push myself to work on this course, I had to keep telling myself: “I can do it!”, otherwise I did not think I could keep doing it anymore.

And the final presentation was good I think. During the final presentation, my professor was suddenly dragging people who worked in the cafeteria of university into the classroom and let them tried the virtual interactive food menu prototype we made.

After the presentation, I was really happy I made it, although the process was not happy at all. I was proud of myself, no matter what score I will get later. Actually, I really like this HCI course. It did not only give me some theoretical knowledge, but it also combined theoretical with practical part together. If I will have time, I will be willing to complete this system I made.

3Virtual Interactive Food Menu System

Rotate the plate to interact with the virtual food menu.

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  1. mandala56
    January 16, 2014

    That’s really fascinating. I’m glad you showed how it works. It looks like a lot of fun, too!

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