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Quad Biking in Essaouira.

Quad biking is an activity  which has fascinated me greatly so recently when I visited the city of Essaouira one of my first priorities was to go for a quad biking trip in the outskirts of Essaouira.

Essaouira is a magical city which is about 2 hours away from Marrakech and it is a place which I would advice people to visit at least once.  This city has also been known by its Portuguese name of Mogador. The Berber name means the wall, a reference to the fortress walls that originally enclosed the city.

My Quad biking trip started with my guide giving me helmet liners, glove liners, helmets, gloves and a jacket. Following which I was given my Quad bike which I was to use for the next two hours. This Quad biking trip was to involve a ride through the  wide variety of terrain which includes Wild beaches, dense forest trails, rivers and huge dunes which are in the surroundings of Essaouira.

Initially the guide was concentrating on gaining initial control for us but soon enough we took the road out of town. I was not particularly amused during this period which didn’t seem challenging enough, but the adrenalin rush was just about to happen. After spending a brief period of time in the mild beaches we headed off to the sand dunes some of them as high as 40 meters and extremely tricky to negotiate. This was probably the best part of the whole deal and involved some fantastic scenery as well. We were racing through completely surreal scenery which included the Castle from Jimi Hendrix’s Castles made of sand, Dunes, Beaches and a trail of forest. The whole ride was not without its flops when the bike was often stuck in the sand and required several minutes of maneuvering before it could be gotten out.  I crashed my Quad into a tree at one point of time, but its a testament to the durability of these machines that it was still functioning as good as new.

The last part of the quad biking trip involved was a speedy race across the flat sand, when we were allowed to go as fast as we could, which was a great adrenaline rush.

Apart from Quad biking activity Essaouira is also well known for its kite-surfing and windsurfing, with the powerful trade wind blowing almost constantly onto the protected, almost waveless, bay. Several world-class clubs rent top-notch material on a weekly basis. Parasols tend to be used on the beach as a protection against the wind and the blowing sand. Camel excursions are available on the beach and into the desert band in the interior.

In my opinion Quad Biking is an activity which can put you in touch with nature like few other adventure sports can and I would advise people to try it at least once. And for sure if one is in Morocco, on a short holiday during breaks in Leiden, then it is worth it to go to Essaouira just to try out the Quad biking!






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