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The Hague Market or Haagse Markt

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine took me to The Hague Market for the first time … and it was a sublime and incomparable shopping experience.


On this market you can get almost anything: (exotic) fruits, vegetables and spices, you can choose from a huge variety of meat and fresh fish. On the rear booths you can also find cloth and jewelry. The products offered are very, very inexpensive and the food is of good quality! Many groceries are sold in (quite big) baskets, where one bowl usually costs around 1€. I got 1kg tomatoes for just 1€ and 7 passion fruits for 1.50€ and 6 paprikas for 1€ or a bucket full of apples for 0.50€. My wallet has time to relax – awesome if you have to cook for many people or planning to preserve your groceries. So invite some friends… But do not forget: one has to be very careful not to buy too much, because the low prices are very tempting.


A tip for those who have a little more time: Don´t buy everything at the first booths you see, you better have a look around to compare the offers and prices – as many retailers on this market sell the same kind of groceries.


The Haagse Markt is open 4 times a week: on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 9 – 17. Those, who want to avoid the crowds and the hectic part of the day, should get up (very) early! Being at the market as late as 11 o´clock – as we were – will give you a feeling for what it means to be on the biggest market of Europe (at least according to the official website of the “Haagse Markt”: Anyways, 500 booths and approximately 40.000 people every day are undoubtedly impressive.

How to get to this great market? By public transport you can get out at “Het Hobbemaplein”, with the trams 6, 11, 12 & bus 25 or “de Hoefkade” tram 11, 12 or bus 127, 130.

I hope that I have triggered your interest and last but not least a preview on how you will feel after having been on the market for the first time 😉



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    January 25, 2014


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