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When the Dutchies follow you…

Coming from southern Germany and having lived in The Hague for half a year, I really started to get annoyed with this ever flat land. Indeed, I was trying to get to the Alps and see some mountain again. Hence, my 6-week long semester break turned out to be perfect to go skiing and live my outdoor fascination. Just how?

I found a nice job as a skiing instructor and animation teamer and was really looking forward to a few weeks of “nothing”. No Facebook; No emails; No speaking Dutch or English. However, I soon found out that this wish was not going to become reality.

About 50% of the guests in the Hotel I worked at were – Nederlands!DSC_0078

Eventually, people from Holland also need to see some mountains from time to time…

As soon as they figured out that I study in Den Haag, they wanted to communicate and speak in Dutch, of course. So, my hope about a relaxing, German speaking January, drifted away. However, it also had a good side -> my Dutch improved significantly!

My knowledge about people from the Netherlands also helped me in a different way: My colleagues were stunned and could just not grasp that the dutch guests were asking for a glas of milk for dinner. It was not even on the menu – hilarious. So, it turned out that I learned a lot about Dutch culture, since it stood in direct contrast to the German side.

Additionally, during my semester break in the Alps, I got some great links and connections to people who are living in The Netherlands. I met a couple that lives less than 1km from my apartment in The Hague who told me some great insider tips about the city and got an offer for a cabriolet tour in Maastricht. Therefore, it was worth all the pain and I had an amazing time with my new friends from holland. A great experience – for a German to meet the Dutch in Austria!

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