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A Visit to Cafe Delirium, Home of the Pink Elephant.


Living in Belgium means there is one thing you can’t get away from for sure: Beer. This is the beer capital of the world. Having living in Brussels for the past 2 months I realized, with all due respect to the Dutch Heineken’s , Amstel’s and Grolsch’s, that Belgian beer is far superior!

If you are a fan of good beer and happen to be in Brussels then one place which you should not miss out on is Café Delirium. Any self respecting beer lover would have at least heard about this place which currently holds the world record for having the most number of beers, they claim to have over 2500 different beers as of now. There are beers from as many as 60 countries. The name of the pub comes from the beer called Delirium Tremens, whose pink elephant symbol decorates the café’s entrance.

This café is located at Impasse de la Fidélité (Getrouwheidsgang , in Dutch) which is a small alley which is very close to the monumental Grand place. Almost anyone in Grand place would point you to the direction of this pub. The alley is also the location of the Jannneke Pis statue, the female counterpart to the world famous Mannekin Pis located on the other side of the Grand Place.  Delirium Café is located at Delirium Village and at street level one can find the Delirium Tap house, one has to enter down the steps from there to reach Delirium café which puts it in a cozy cave like atmosphere. As you enter down you can already note the large collection of Delirium bottles to the left.

Adding to the beer, the café is well decorated with old enameled beer ad-panels, posters and old wooden barrels. They are scattered around the various floors inviting you to prop yourselves up against them while drink a fine Belgian beer. Jam session which takes place every Thursday/Friday is another attraction of this place.

For me the best part about visiting Delirium café, even more than the beer, is the absolutely international group of people you find there at any point of time. In 2 hours which I spent there I met people from the United States, Spain, Australia, Chile, Brazil, Russia, Netherlands, Poland and South Africa just to name a few, who were mostly students like me.

So if you are in Brussels, whether you love beer or hate it, the place you should not miss out on is Café Delirium!




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