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WANTED: Where did my Haagse-rainforest go?

This weekend I got back from my winter break in the snowy alps. Because the start of the spring/summer semester was coming up, I decided to give my room a nice and detailed spring-clean up. I put all of my inventory that I collected during the last 5 month outside on the corridor. Immediately, some friends of mine who were trying to walk by were just staring at me: “Ah Thomas, nice to see your rainforest again”.Foto 1

Well, yes, I do have a favor for green plants in my room that care for fresh air and some inhabitants (from bacteria to flies, it’s just an amazing animal world). However, my fellow neighbors also realized that my “rainforest” has lost quite a large percentage of its existing. I am still caring for a small plant and hope that I can prevent its death while the other big guy lost its greenness! And I can totally see why: Foto 2-1

In times of climate change and global warming, we hear a lot about the essence of trees and keeping alive the rainforest. Indeed, every year large parts of the tropical rainforest are just leaving us. We all know what effects this has: rising temperatures, the extinction of many animal species, and so on.

Therefore I think that everyone has a responsibility to plant trees and own plants in his/her room in order to cater for Sustainability. However, after experiencing such a loss  -> does it make sense?

And the worst thing is: Who can I blame for the dying of my friends in my room? They got enough water, they got enough daylight! While the palm trees survived european winter, I cannot even blame me for getting species that are unable to survive here. So, should I believe in a magical transformation of the killings in Brazil with the dying of my plants here?

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