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Bonjour Brussels!

For months last semester, my housemate and I talked of going to Belgium, and kept on planning trips which all seemed to fall through when life got too busy.

That’s why this weekend I was especially glad when we actually made it onto the coach to Brussels – there was a moment of ‘we’re actually going…  this long planned-for trip is actually going ahead!’

Partly this was due to our discovery of the excessively cheap coach tickets, which took us to Brussels and home for around 15euros; and since the buses leave from The Hague, it’s a really easy trip to make.

So after around a three hour coach journey (you do have to be a bit more patient with this way of travelling), we arrived in Brussels. When we first got off, we did wonder whether we had arrived in the right place since the bus seemed to just leave us in the middle of nowhere down an alley. We did however soon find our bearings, and were off exploring the new city!

Brussels certainly did not disappoint, it seems that there is a lot of different things to see in the city, with a stunning main square and quaint streets that surround it as well as an amazing cathedral, great shops and tonnes of museums.


It was so much fun just being in a completely new city, with a new atmosphere; I really loved being a complete tourist and getting lost round every corner.


We even seemed to fulfil most of the tourist check-list; eating fries, tasting waffles and going chocolate shopping. We even found this great waffle shop where they open up waffles and put things inside – we tried one filled with Belgium chocolate and one with ham and cheese; they were both delicious!


Even the museum we picked was in true Belgium style – the chocolate museum – although the museum itself was certainly interesting; the best bit was all the free samples they kept passing out. It meant we got a real taste of the local delicacy!


made entirely from chocolate!


The chocolate-maker at work


Believe it or not – these clothes are made from chocolate too!

After walking round and round the city for two days, I think we were happy for the long coach ride home; at least it gave our feet a bit of a break. It was such a perfect trip, that it seems to have given us the travel-bug; I look forwards to sharing where we head to next but for now, I’ll leave you with some pictures of the trip to make your mouth-water for your own visit 😉


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