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When you have one of those days…

…when you just don’t get anything done. You get up and you feel that you are not even motivated to make yourself breakfast… do you know this feeling? and then you only meet people who are as little motivated as you and don’t give you any support in your life and study crisis

Well, those days are thankfully not occurring on a regular basis, but it is really frustrating when you are sitting in front of your computer at 1 pm, staring out of your window and suddenly decide to make yourself a perfect cup of Cappuccino since you just can’t focus on your readings.

This time, I finally had a great idea about how to deal with it -> fresh air. As we were all taught in school, fresh air can get our brains to work and a break is a good decision anyways ! … I know, it’s hard to call something a break if you didn’t work earlier, but oh well…

Well, I went outside, sat on a bench on Malieveld park and was actually getting something done although it was freezing. Until, about 30 minutes later, a parade was going by. First I was all excited about a carnival parade or something similar and I was running to the street where a mass of people was walking and music was playing – however, it turned out to be a boring demonstration! This mirrored my day.


Nevertheless, I didn’t give up with my day and went studying again in the evening. Again, I got nothing done until my neighbour stepped in: “wanna go for a run?” Well, that was actually the best part of my day -> seeing new parts of The Hague and really being able to think about something else than university!

And – after that – I was even productive enough to do some work and to write this article J

Let’s keep the motivation going and let it be a productive tomorrow!

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