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Come spend your Sunday at the Observatory!


Hello again! So this is a little last minute but still relevant. Remember I wrote about the Sterrewacht open day back in November? Well it’s back. And this time it is an open weekend and much bigger. On these two days the old observatory is open for the public and livelier than ever! Besides access to all our telescopes, there will be a planetarium, tours, lectures and of course fun activities for kids.

Also if the weather allows it, there will be observing at night and solar observing during the day. And it is all for free! Tours of the observatory normally cost a fee just like at any other museum so come and make the most of it while it’s on offer.

Tomorrow i.e. on Sunday feel free to drop by between 14:00 – 22:00. There will be no dearth of experts around and if time permits I might help around too. Here are the directions if you have never been to it before:


Screenshot from 2014-03-09 02:24:53


4(from November)


Must watch Movie #7

To get you into the mood for your visit to the observatory I suggest you watch Space Camp from the 80’s to rekindle your childlike enthusiasm for space. This is a movie for teens and I loved it as a child. It is about a bunch of teens who join a NASA summer camp to train like astronauts and thanks to an accident end up being in space. How do they make it back safely? Really nice watch with some music from Eric Clapton. And then there is also the very lovely Lea Thompson to stare at:P


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