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Fighting against Depression in Maastricht

I am not going to deny the fact that the winter here in the Netherlands is quite long and depressing with all the rain and the wind. (I’m so glad that spring is coming back now!) So when I got to know that there was an anti-depression interactive exhibition down in the southern city of Maastricht, I couldn’t wait to go there and have a little taste of spring and summer.

We went there at the end of February, and weather was good to us that Sunday. The exhibition was consisted of 8 parts – touch, move, taste, smell, feel, hear, see and Sun. I don’t wanna spoil any fun for you in case you want to visit the exhibition yourself. But what I could tell you is that this exhibition actually healed a little bit of my winter blues. You’ll get to reminisce about what spring and summer feel like during the exhibition and of course it will make you laugh, or at least smile at some point. :–)

Of course, the splendidly sunny weather was working too! After the exhibition, my friends and I went around Maastricht for a while. Maastricht is totally different from other major Dutch cities. Adjacent to the borders with Belgium and Germany, Maastricht has the style of a French/Belgian town. We sat down on the banks of its major river, Maas River just to enjoy the sunshine and the beauty of the afternoon.

I took some photos with my camera. It’s a 35mm camera so please pardon its resolution.

03031031 03031032030310330303103603031039 03031027I would suggest using a day ticket to go to Maastricht since it’s a rather long way. The exhibition is ending this Sunday, so if you are interested, please check out:!/en/home/winter-anti-depression-show/ (according to the page, you should make an appointment beforehand.)

Good luck and have fun there!

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