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Some Days Are Just Better

Lately, I’ve been like a zombie.  It’s as if I was in a loop of procrastination. I had so many things to do but… I choose the following: Eat. Watch. Sleep. (And occasionally party.) I was looking for a way to break the cycle and get my life back on track.

During this period I had this amazing day which made me realize that, Some Days Are Just Better! And it’s the simple things that make this difference. A cup of coffee with a friend, flowers popping up everywhere, a good song in the morning.

Me and a friend of mine have a break at the same time on Mondays which we would fill by getting coffee and talking the hours away. It’s our tradition. One day she had a great idea. The weather was better, the sun was up and flowers were popping up everywhere. So we changed our route and went to Malieveld instead of the campus. (Malieveld is a park right across the Central Station; it has been home to demonstrations, fairs, festivals and even a Coldplay concert!)

When we went there, it was just so beautiful!

That day we just kept smiling all the time, told each other how happy we were and I have to confess, we were singing Good Morning Sunshine. This is why I came up with the idea of writing this piece.

But I didn’t. Because yes, I’m a procrastinator! Guilty as charged.

Today was the First Day of Spring, as I was told by Google. It was 20 degrees! And I had a great day! It was so amazing and I was smiling the whole time. I had a reason (and more importantly the motivation) to sit down again and write this piece.first day of spring

I had my Spanish midterm today; it wasn’t that bad so that was nice. I may have four midterms next week, but I just couldn’t care less because I’m done with Spanish and the sun is shining and I am happy! I decided to give the day off to myself; the midterms and studying could wait for a day.

We went to The Plein after the exam with a few people from my Spanish group to have a drink and enjoy being done with an exam. Wine, sunshine and summer plans on the table… Just as we were leaving I saw someone coming towards me with open arms and a big smile, and heard the question: “Hey do you wanna meet my friend from India? Come join us!” That was such a good offer, the day was just so beautiful and I wasn’t ready to leave this anytime soon so I joined them. It’s always nice meeting new people, especially through a common friend. Afterwards we walked to the station and on the way back ran into another friend who also joined our walk. We kept running into people all around the city and everyone was just so happy!

My point is; you don’t need big life changing moments, it’s the small things in life that can make you really happy.

Sometimes it’s a day stolen from summer, the unexpected sunshine.

Sometimes it’s a night when your friend grabs a bottle and shows up at your place.

Sometimes it’s a meal shared with lovely people.

Know where to look and you will be happy.

PS. Yes I am sort of a Pollyanna, deal with it. 🙂

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