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Spring in The Hague

Exactly one year ago, I came to see The Hague for the first time, I visited my future apartment, drifted through the beautiful city center and just enjoyed the international but still “gezellig” atmosphere. Though I remember the sunny, but freezing weather we had, just now I experience how spring really feels here in The Hague. And I can say: it has been awesome so far!

Despite the joking and warning of my Dutch friends, who are say that I shouldn´t expect temperatures above 10°C until mid May – it is surprisingly warm and one might almost say summery. In the last couple of weeks, I spent more time at the beach and under the shades of trees in Zuiderpark than I probably should have, as exams are coming closer and closer. 😉 But pleasant 20°C were just tempting and I had to go outside to enjoy the weather, even if equipped with laptop and study books.

Thanks to some of my local friends, I also discovered a beautiful place for picnics in Kijkduin, which is right next to Scheveningen Main Beach, but in way less crowed. While biking though the grassy dunes and lying in the warm sand, I almost forgot that I was still in the same city as the Royal Family and just very few kilometers from the International Court of Justice, Europol, the International Criminal Court…

IMG_0366_Fotor_Collage Beach

That´s definitively a feature I LOVE about The Hague – this city has almost everything I might want to have: a beach, the sea, a little bit of green, beautiful neighborhoods and a lively city center with international flair ;-).


With upcoming spring, also more and more flowers pop up all over the city. Huge attractions here in The Hague are the flower fields at Lange Voorhout, where our lectures and some tutorials take place. Here, one can admire thousands of violet, purple, pink and yellow crocuses. Many people pose in front of the flowers, others take pictures of dogs, family members or cows standing in the flowers (yes… a groups of men brought a green plastic cow shoot a photo of it) and others even stop their cars to take pictures of this marvelous flower fields.

IMG_2354_Fotor_Collage flowers

Now, I am looking forward to enjoy more such amazing days, because I would love to visit some of the smaller cities around The Hague, as well as the Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park and for sure I would love to go back to the beach and relax in the sun… but this time after the midterm exams 😉








4 comments on “Spring in The Hague

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  2. Millie
    March 23, 2014

    A womderful post with extraclass pictures. Thank you for the Spring Feelings impressions from The Hague and greetimgs from Germany and Sweden. I would also like to study in this beautiful city.

    April 13, 2014

    I love reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing for me
    to comment!

    • theleidener
      April 21, 2014

      I am glad you liked it! Thank you for reading the post! 🙂

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