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An ISN affair


Yeah yeah yeah, I know…I usually post things related to ISN activities etc, but I just cant help it! I am part of the 2013/2014 board and we really put a lot of effort in offering the students a wide range of activities for them to choose from. Besides that, I always have a lot of fun in them =) Last weekend wasn´t different…Two of our most popular clubs (ISN has over 10 different clubs for students with different interests to join) joined forces to offer a great Saturday! They came up with the amazing idea of having a ‘High Tea- Board Games afternoon’…What does that mean you might ask? Well, it is actually pretty simple…

Is just adding this:


To this:


Mason, the Cooking Club´s Master Chef came up with deliiiiiiiiicious recipes for scones, sandwiches, cupcakes, teas and etc…and Yoran (one of the Board Games´ committed leaders brought the most avid players together!

The afternoon started with some kitchen helpers making the snacks

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Then, everyone digged in!

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You could find basically every type of game,and with a full belly everyone was super happy =)

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Even the board´s favorites (Halli Galli and Werewolf) had their chance in this games/ snacks fiesta!


It was a great way to get some deserved hours away from my thesis and head up, if all this talk got you interested in the clubs, just check our page and join our meetings/events..The clubs are for everyone, there is no need of an ISN card…you can be dutch, international, student or not…just come with a good mood to have some fun.

By the way, this Wednesday (02/04) the Cooking Club will have a Quesadillas´ Fiesta…The stars of the night (quesadillas´recipes) are still being decided so if you have a good one post it in event ( ).

Hope to see you on our clubs =)


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