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Getting Sporty


Inspired by the amazing weather (seriously, 20 degrees in the last day of March feels like a blessing in the Netherlands) ISN decided to put together a small (but amazing) volleyball tournament at the University´s Sport Center.

People could sign up in advance, but we got some latecomers that were added to the teams. Overall we had five teams:

– ISN (with 6 board members, it is like we were always meant to be a volleyball team hehehe)

-Smack my bitch up

– Poffertjes

– Team Loco

– Touché


We all had different levels but one thing in common: We all wanted to have some fun on a beautiful Sunday (burning some calories was an extra bonus).


For the first round we had everyone play against everyone in a quick set (we could only have the court for 3 hours so we wanted to make things go fast so everyone could play everyone).

1978656_10152045624887205_1542723310_n 10155454_10152045625792205_458136060_nFor each of the games we gave one point for the winner and 0 for the loser. After everyone had played everyone we had a 10 minutes break and started the second and final round. One team, Touché, had won all of its games so they qualified straight for the big finale while the two other teams with the 2nd and 3rd highest scores battled (haha, so dramatic) for a spot in the finale. A fourth team (Smack my bitch up) would fight for the 3rd place with whoever lost from that game.

ISN played Poffertjes in the semi final and we GOT THROUGH!!! Then Poffertjes played Smack my bitch up and guaranteed the 3rd place!
So it was time for the big finale..Although it was a good competitive game, Touché beat us and got the first place!

We always want to give an extra motivation for people to participate in these cool events (not that anyone needs it…all the fun we had were more than enough) so we (with the kindness of our loved sponsor Einstein bar) had prizes for the winners…$50, $30 and $20 vouchers for drinks in Einstein, Buddhas, Pakhuis or Van Burren… Since we got the second place, the third real place got the prize for the second place and fourth place got to get a cool prize also!

It was sooooo much fun that we are already planning the next one…hopefully a beach volleyball tournament next time…So keep your eye on ISN´s page on Facebook and go enjoy this weather getting sporty!






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