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Feels like I arrived yesterday


When nostalgia hits, it hits. Ever had that moment where you stumble into university with all these hopes and expectations, thinking three years is a LONG time? Well, I certainly did. Being so far away from home, all I thought about was that it’s going to be three long years but I’ll be home soon for the holidays every few months and it won’t be so bad. Boy, was I wrong. It’s the end of the fourth semester, two more semesters and we’ll be done. Somewhere between the lectures, tutorials, assignments, hangovers, dinners, birthdays, chilling at the beach and late night study sessions time flew. I’m sorry if I sound like I’m pouring out my nostalgia onto this blog but I am doing so because in the midst of trying to finish my assignment and checking the calendar for some reason, it hit me how far we’ve all come and how little time we have left. This makes me also think of what I’ve learned from moving to Holland.

Moving to Holland has given and taught me so much. It has made me appreciate home more, given me friends, who have made me discover the best version of myself, and given me an education that is so broad that you learn about everything, but narrow enough to cater to my interests.  Now whenever I go home for the holidays I cry when leaving Holland and cry when I’m coming back. It’s not easy when you have your heart in two places. Yes, we all want to explore the world and go out there and do our thing, be free from our parents but little do we realize that it forces us to grow up and face emotions and responsibilities we barely thought about when we were younger or didn’t think existed at all. I know for a fact though that I will look back at all the memories and smile and think of all that I gained.

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